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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 5, 2009 9:54am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Review of the day!

Reviewer: ShawnLarsen - - January 5, 2009
Subject: The Filthy jew Snake In Action
Here you will find proof that the jew is a fucking snake. Land grabbing and killing people for protesting against "apartheid".

The jew has can silence the people of Palestine but not the rest of the international community. This is South Africa all over again. The people will be set free and the jew snake will be destroyed.

The item in question was posted by a jewish person by the way!

You can't get this kind of zany comedy on TV, that's for damn sure.

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Poster: H8ALL Date: Feb 20, 2009 4:05pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Review of the day!

fuck all sand niggers

the internet archives need to stop helping the enemy
or be charged with war crimes